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Monday, 29 August 2016

Linda Ikeji Media in suspected Romance with OAP Freeze

Don't just jump on the headline. Its not 'that kind' of romance guys, so calm your nerves.
So, here is the gist we suspect...

Naturally, news about freeze widely publicized sack from cool FM would naturally have been heard first on Linda Ikeji's blog but contrary is the case on this occasion. Linda didn't "raise a tongue' or 'raise her keyboard' about the sack.

Is this a way of showing 'purported' support for the now 'free agent' OAP freeze?

Remember Linda Ikeji announced opening of her Media arms of Linda Ikeji Tv and Radio, yes, we think Linda ikeji will be interested in his services due to his experience in the Media Industry and his colossal network within the entertainment industry. That word 'colossal' will be used frequently on this blog, lol.

We think the silence of Linda on the Freeze issue shows that she would not want to spoil her chances of having Freeze work for her media house. The last time Linda said a word about him was as far back as June, according to Google.

Well, its worthy of note that not only Linda Ikeji is interested in him, yours truly, some other media houses must be interested in the services, except for his rants in the media which are uncalled for, Freeze is one good OAP who offers a lot.

Casual Entertainment Tv (@cetvng) is one of the media houses interested in his services, we have made this clear via our official Twitter account.

We wish him good luck.


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