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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Swanky Jerry called out: He's Gay and never pays for things

I, George was surfing the net and came across this wonderful and rather interesting blog that claims to expose people. Well, I got some gists about swanky Jerry and Barbiedoll in the comment box. Here is Swanky's deal>>>

'I blame all the mumu girls that thought Swanky Jerry the forever 21 years old celebrity stylist that in actual fact is 34 years old was their friend.

How can anyone trust that boy that has body odour that you can smell from the other end of third mainland bridge . I remember when swanky was working with ATM , he used to tell everyone that cared to hear all he used to see whilst pretending to be her goon, beating up girls on her behalf and then switched to her best friends camp after Toyin caught swanky on CCTV stealing from her shop. I cried to Toyin , tried to pull her ear in English language and yoruba . She didn’t want to listen.

Yes that’s what really went down. Toyin Lawani caught him on camera stealing and became heart broken and uncomfortable with him because she trusted him with her life.

He was also the one who use to knock her head with her then best friend Yvonne Nwosu of Vonne Couture.

Swanky is a thief and we all know a thief is also a liar and destroyer. Seal Kamson was his lover back then before that one started fucking Trigger.

All you lagos big girls continue carry this local dirty boy around you. All those yahoo boys that he hangs out with and bring dirty ashawo for. Please note that swanky will use those low lives to get information about you and then try to blackmail you on the Internet.



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