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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Woman calls out Barbiedoll for infecting her husband with HIV

Do you know who Barbiedoll is? If not, just check instagram @barbiedoll. Well, here is the scoop on her...

I am a woman and ex wife to a useless jump around man.

I met berbiedoll 4years ago when she was still in school herself and a friend of hers called Ada. I liked dem cause they were socialable and fun to be with. I invited dem over for d weekend when my husband got back from his offshore work. We were all happy together.

Later for berbiedoll to go behind me and twist my husband’s brain and said a lot of lies about me and started having an affair with my husband. I know d man I got married to he doesn’t lie or cheat.

I got pregnant and had my 3rd baby later to be told I had hiv/aids. I didn’t believe. Went to 2 other hospitals and got same result.

Then I confronted my husband and he stupidly told me he has been seeing just berbiedoll and forgot to use protection.

Now I and my child is hiv positive. I pray for u today berbiedoll u will forever be a pr*stitute and my pains and that of my child will haunt u for life….."


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