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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

POEM: A Little Sunshine

"Looking to the moon
The dream where you first appeared fades out
The light of the stars,now is taken away
The smile I had to forget

for me to be strong,
For sure if we're together
we can never be alone
Open your eyes

I'm here waiting for you
Even if the future is different from now
I'm here waiting for you
I keep on screaming

I'm sure all I can do
Is to shout the truth that connects our hearts
So the person I was back then
Would open hir eyes

No need to cry
Living in silence
I can reach you if I stretch out my hands
The only memory I have of you

Is so far away and fading away
I can hear your voice
If I close my eyes
Even a little Sunshine

That would be nice
Look into my eyes
I'm here waiting for you
Even if you get lost,

I'm here waiting for you
I look up at the sky to reach for a star
So my wish from my heart
With you and me holdings hands

Until the person you were back then
Looked back
No need to cry
Feel something,

Open your heart
And feel every moment
Like is the last you feel
You will find me where it's quiet

Let the blood flow
Through all the spaces
Of our hearts and souls..."


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